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We are aiming to raise $1 million to establish The Georgia Lowry Young Scientific Fellowship Program, which will benefit the world and make inroads into finding the cure for a disease that devastates the lives of so many children and families.

About the Georgia Lowry Young Scientific Fellowship Program

The Georgia Lowry Young Scientific Fellowship Program aims to seek out young scientific fellows on an international level, that would be interested in coming to the Telethon Kids Institute to begin their research career with Professor Ursula Kees and her Team. The successful fellows would contribute to the body of internationally recognised research into childhood cancer already carried out by the CLCRF Laboratory.

This will advance the legacy of research that Professor Ursula Kees and Dr Michael Willoughby set into place, and move us closer to finding a cure and better treatment protocols for children.

There are still many other cancer cell lines that need to be catalogued and studied. By better understanding the cancer cell lines, doctors are able to select a clinical trial and learn which drug combinations offer the most effective treatment for patients. Apart from this, this Fellowship will also provide an opportunity for the Perth-based CLCRF Laboratory to further showcase their achievements on a world stage.

The Georgia Lowry Young Scientific Fellowship Program will hopefully result in key outcomes such as better treatments to:

  • Reduce the long-term effects of the drugs that were necessary for the child’s survival

  • Reduce the length of treatment protocols

  • Reduce the side effects, including health issues once in remission

  • Reduce the cost to the healthcare system by providing more effective treatment, and

  • Increase survival rates and improve the quality of life, while lessening the suffering of children with cancer.

What will the $1 Million dollars be used for?

The $1 million donation will be used to fund The Georgia Lowry Young Scientific Fellowship Program and secure three years of research, which will cover the costs of:

  • Advertising internationally for suitable candidates for the Fellowship in research journals and within research universities, institutes and scientific communities

  • Transporting the chosen scientists to Perth, if applicable,

  • Accommodating the scientists in Perth so that they can be mentored by Professor Ursula Kees,

  • Funding the continued research, in block periods of three years, through the CLCRF Laboratory, and

  • Funding research into different types of cancers

This $1 million will help to continue the legacy of childhood cancer research that was envisioned by CLCRF.

Children's Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc)

The Children's Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (Inc) is a charity based in Western Australia. Our aims are to raise funds to promote medical research into childhood cancers and to encourage and advance investigation into the cause, prevention and diagnosis and treatment of these illnesses.

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